Energetic healing

  • The process of healing

    Birth, rebirth, in order to come to this reaction, the creation of our living expression of our inner identity starts by knowing our physical body. The human body is our life's vehicle which must be taken care of, loved and above all else listened to solely in its original wholeness.
    It is important to remember:
    The human body is a multiplication of a single cell. We have 60 thousand billion cells. All that is within the body is made of cells: the skin and bones, nerves, muscles, the heart and the brain. Each of these cells is a living organism that breathes autonomously, produces energy, feeds itself and reproduces. The cells belong to very different distinct groups, but at the the same time are all inter-connected together. The brain cells are considered as mirror cells which are endowed with an active memory allowing the transmission of emotional events to the rest of the body
    These mirror cells reflect the external world: they activate when we take action or when we observe someone taking action. Like certain neuronal circuits that are attached to specific memories, the mirror neurons support specific actions.
    Our mirrors cells record all information, which is more often negative which then creates our conditioning and leads us to live similar situations once the recording is launched.
    . Example:
    A woman: beaten, aggressed, raped and abandoned programs her cells to failure and unconscious abandon. Her child will also be traumatised and from birth will put into place a contra attack mechanism. He/she will feel unconsciously dirty and this triggers a psychological pathology eg: cleanliness maniac. The mirror cells are the weak point in our physical body, our emotional shock management system that is passed down in our DNA. It is for this reason that certain dysfunctions become an emotional heredity and when we relive similar situations at the moment of the recording, the pain awakens and perturbs us on a very deep level.
    It is here, by accompanying you to know your inner-self and observing your mental and energetic state that I can help you become conscious of your internal dualities and negative beliefs that today hinder you in finding solutions. The tailored solutions that lead you to resolve your difficulties and allow you to put into place adaptation strategies on the physiological, psychological and organisational levels.
    The objective of this joint work is to help you change your perception of a difficulty or misfortune into an opportunity to awaken and better manage your life, allowing you to go forward on your own path.
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      Canalising Cellular Massage

      Cellular Massage is a so called « shamanic » technique used in Africa and India but also in certain oriental countries on children upon their birth. It facilitates the connection of Body and Spirit.
      Through « DMC », painful points in the deep muscle tissue are eliminated, cells are reactivated and the energetic and emotional knots called « Suffering Bodies » that have been crystalised in the body tissue are liberated during the therapy.
      In general the traumatised or shocked cells which are empty become phantom cells and interfere vibrationally in our physical, psychic and behavioral functioning.
      These cells can be powered by neurons and or mirror cells about 6 to 15 years after the trauma depending on the case
      In this case the therapy is practiced on the floor.
      The oil used is naturally composed by me with Afro Carribbean plants.

      Effects of the Massage
      . The rebalancing of the psyche through the 7 principal energetic points of the body.
      . The unblocking of the « Suffering Bodies ».
      . Detoxification of the Cells.
      . Evacuation of emotional acidity from the trauma.
      . Psychological and Emotional liberation of the Inner Child.

      Frequency Harmonisation (Singing Bowl)

      Each individual has his or her own vibrational wave transmitted under an inaudible frequence, relatively variable according to his or her emotional state. During a traumatic shock this wave is impacted through the resonance of the trauma on the neural and nervous system.
      The Frequency Harmonisation allows the body to fin dits original frequency thanks to the tonality of the Singing Bowl used during the therapy. The sound of the Singing Bowl enters in resonance unconsciously with the cells in reverse flow and liberates any tensions.
      The Frequency Harmonisaton is practiced on the floor.
      The Bowl is positioned on different parts of the body based on the previously felt points of compressions
      The therapy facilitates :
      . Liberation of unconsious tensions in the body
      . Rebalancing of the Original individual Frequency

      Vibrating Expression

      The human body is only expression. It may be verbal or non-verbal, conscious or unconscious but also vibratory.
      The Voice transposes to the outside world who we really are. When this vibratory expression is subjected to stress, anguish, fatigue or exhaustion it leads to an ambivalence between what is felt and what is expressed vocally.
      The Expression Vibratoire is an analytical introspection of harmonization and stimulation by the voice based on the reappropriation of the arrangement of the breath and the notes emitted. This technique allows to open its inner ear which increases our ability to listen and transmit our emotions.
      The recognition of notes and timbres is refined at the same time that being is affirmed and realized.

      This treatment breaks down in 3 steps :
      1/ A talk time of exchange on a traumatic blockage
      2/ Exercise of Breathing visualizing us during this trauma
      3/ Expression of this trauma by sound

      Finally, this care:
      . Remedy for certain physical disabilities
      . Corrects our bad mental attitudes
      . Releases our potential
      . Improves the way we communicate
      . Allows to be heard
      . Recovering energy dynamism

      (Respiratory Synchronic Emotional Liberation Rehabilitation by voice vibrations)
    " My hands are expressed so that my soul does not remain silent "
    - Fabienne Robert-Naudin -

    It is important to remember that no energetic therapy can be a substitute to a consultation with your doctor and/or any other medical treatment. .