• Consultation objectives

    Through an innovative methodological process, You, My Friend Therapy, (Toi Mon Amie Therapie) will bring you to a better understanding of your personal functioning in relation to:
    . The society
    . The family
    . In your professional, personal and scholarly environment

    In order to be guided, clearly identify your objectives. Your creativity is stimulated during the consultation helping you to discover the resources and solutions within, allowing you to move ahead. This makes you conscious of the barriers associated in attaining your objective in order that it remains realistic and achievable.
    The consultation helps to surmount:
    . Existential crises
    . To be understood in one's suffering
    . To take a step back in a situation
    . Understand one's story, one's experiences
    . Rediscover self-esteem and confidence
    . Take away the guilt
    . See one's value
    . Free oneself from beliefs and judgements
    . Learn to communicate differently
    . Detect the sources of stress
    . Propose tools to help manage stress and decision making
    . Detect one's needs for personal and professional development
    . Learn self-respect to also respect for others
    . Assist in professional retraining
    . Help in preparing for examinations
    . To Act, no longer be dominated
    . To be
    . To live in full consciousness in who 'You ARE'
    . Become emotionally independent
    For this it is important to fully integrate the understanding of one's personal history and also master the reactive field that is associated.