Tools applied

  • I use the following tools:

    . Attentive listening
    . Email
    . Writing
    . Games

    Because writing is screaming in silence :
    Writing encourages your capacities : to express yourself, externalise your thoughts, feelings and emotions. . It is a perfect tool of expression to empty your mind, eliminate your mind, eliminate your pain, your tension and stress... . Thanks to writing you offload your negative energies on the surface that blur your life perception and obligates you to identify with your traumatic experiences. It allows you also to create a distance with your current state and also to express yourself on the subject that preoccupies your mind. For those who can not share with me certain thoughts face to face, your writing can do this for you. Writing can be a vector of communication and externalisation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Furthermore, writing plays the role of the mirror. It is often said “ talking leaves and writing stays ”.
    Through writing you can find the responses to your personal questions and also reconnect to your inner child, that is your true self.
    These writings are sent by mail only.

    Attentive listening ( via writing, if need be )
    To be really listened to encourages the expression of the unconscious and to be acknowledged in your suffering, which in turn fosters your elevation and evolution. It is by the complete acknowledgement of this practice that the cellular consciousness awakens and gives its consent to gain respect and appreciation for on self and others.
    I practice the therapy stress management in order to help you in understanding yourself better, to take a step back, to get in contact with your roots, to unify yourself and find your own true identity. In fact , this therapeutic work is most beneficial if it is applied to your daily life. The objective of my work is to allow you to discover the means, with your strong and weak points within to transform your difficulties into experiences. And moreover to have success in your personal missions while maintaining the respect for yourself and others.
    All problems have a solution. Each difficulty has its own tool to put into use.
    I communicate these tools to you and support you as you put them into practice. I will listen to the difficulties you may find while you are putting them into practice and accompany you in order to help you if there is a need to find a better way to apply these methods.

    The objective of my work is to lead you do what is good and fair for you without fear and in full confidence. And of course maintaining the respect for yourself and others in all your daily actions and tasks. This therapy is not life, it is only a method to be successful in your life and free yourself from your unconscious functional patterns.