You My Friend…
Entering in resonance with your true nature through wholesome, gentle, relaxing visualisation is absolutely necessary and comes from being in a centered and grounded space.

If you believe that you are entitled to a part of the blue sky within you and that daily positive thinking can create favorable conditions in your life and change your destiny.

You are absolutely right !

Positive visualisation and self study are the keys to getting there because it’s a real nourishment of the spirit, but they are not ready-made solutions .

You need to take charge of yourself if you wish to reshape your thinking in order to give your psyche all the chances to develop its maximum potential.

Like everything in nature, your mind is in a constant state of vibration. These vibrations called thoughts or images, can be created and directed by will as long as they not conditioned by time and space.

Thanks to the technique of creative thinking which is not a wavering projection of yourself in a subjective vibrational dimension, you have the capacity to modify your perception of yourself and your mental receptivity, as well as access deep layers of your subconscious. The new mental ideas you plant will grow and change your personality.

Do not be a powerless victim of your destiny.

Know that you can model your mental structure to the service of the evolution of your inner journey.

You my Friend,...
To believe or not that what we want the most can happen at the moment when we least expected, is to accept that the most difficult situations are like the misplaced commas between numbers in a mathematic problem.
In this these times of energetic change we should really take consiousness of who we are. To be a being of light simply means that we are the fruit of our family line.
1+1+1+1+1 EQUALS THE ANCESTRALE MATRIACHAL RELEASE OF EMOTIONAL PAIN which enables us to access inner peace.
May your day be sweet and beautiful.
Om Blessings

You my friend you know ...
Every time you see a footprint on the ground, tell yourself that it’s because I am carrying you on my shoulders for you to face the shadows on your journey.
May your day be as supple as a reed that can be bent but never broken.
Om Blessing

You My Friend, ...
Dare to take a COMPASSIONATE look on all the situations that you doubt the most and you will emerge out of it stronger . ...
Om Blessing

You My Friend,
Each time you smile, that your body is filled with joy, you bring to your soul a sweetness that promotes the expression of what you are.
Breathe and radiate from your cells that which is the most wonderful of this beautiful day.
Om Blessing

Who are you ?
Where do you come from ?
What are you following ?
Where are you going ? You my soul friend
Through all these questions you will understand with time that there is only one. . And in order to answer this question, you have to take off the mask to become definitely what is hiding underneath. ... Welcoming and accepting your transformation is the only true and right answer. Don’t ever forget it. Om Blessing.

You, my friend you know
You came to know one day how to close your arms to the sweetness of life .
You came to know how to close your arms through worrying about your security.
You who forgot to love yourself through guilt.
You who allowed the other to knock you around.
You who accepted to hate yourself.
You who knew how to surrender to hurtful speech without fighting back.
You who chose to live your revelation through all these trials, know how to recognise today the strength this has brought you – and at what point it’s given you wings to fly
Because You Know Who You Are
The 4th element…The Sacred Fire of A True Emotional Initiation.
Om Blessing