• To pay for a therapy corresponds to the value that we give ourselves and the value that we give to the therapist. To give a value to a consultation is the first step in the decision that we make. . To allow oneself to give a personal value is to be conscious that we deserve it. It is to authorise oneself to regain self-love by connecting to one's own resources, potential, without judging others with also self- respect and respect for others. Psychotherapy is working with oneself alone.

    Consultation by email
    50 €
    Phone call
    by skype
    starting from 65 €
    Phone call
    From 1h30 to 2H00
    80 €

    Analytical Consulting
    Individual session
    Duration 2h00
    80 €
    Group Session
    Duration one day
    120 €

    ( 6 people Max )

    Energetic healing
    Frequency Harmonization
    Duration 1h00
    60 €

    ( Singing Bowl )

    Vibrating Expression
    Duration 2h00
    80 €

    ( Rehabilitation Respiratory Synchronous Emotional Release by Vibration of the Voice )

    Cellular Massage Canalising
    Duration 2h30
    90 €

    Massage for Baby
    Shantala massage
    Duration 1H00
    45 €

    ( Indian Mother / Baby Massage )

    Gratitude is equal to that of the respect for the work that we undertake for oneself. However, if you are in a difficult financial situation, please don't hesitate to discuss this with me. We will find a solution together.