“ It was a beautiful meeting in simplicity and authenticity. It allowed me to reconnect with my deep self and restore my well-being. Thanks Fabienne "

    “ I wanted to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to regain my feminine energy and to appease my masculine, to tell him to take a little sleep and not react to the slightest stimulus. So I invited the feminine to reside again and put the "small" house in order. He was far too present, I feel divinely well after many tears, Thank you, thank you and thank you pretty Sacred fairy Very warmly "

    “ Fabienne, A little something to thank you to have brought the light to our path. You have brought to us the strength and faith to continue together towards a more serene and healthy life. We can not come to see you physically at the moment but our heart is with you. We are so happy to have met you and to receive your highly positive vibrations. I thank life which has led me to meet you. We hope to keep in contact with you and share loving thoughts. Sending you big kisses and thanks for everything. Lots of love: Helene and Lois "

  • “ I wish to give you thanks to have led me to the path of full consciousness and forgiveness. You have helped make me what I am Today, Thank you. Florence "

  • " I thank you for being on my path the 15th of August 2014. It was very enlightening for me. I had many wonderful meetings that led me towards my most important need, the most correct and useful for me in that moment. That Friday I centered myself to focus on listening to my needs. My day went as follows: I went to “Les Artisans du Naturel” at Belgentier. Everything was interesting, the conference entitled “Do you know who you are?” responded directly to my needs and to my blocks that my body sends me messages each day. You resonated with my Soul who was asking to be guided to liberation of the fears that don't belong to me and to be who I am. Thank you. Then you consulted my daughter and I wish to thank you. You said the words that she needed to hear and that a mother cannot say to her child as she could not hear them in the same way. Your words were very judicious for her. I knew from when I first saw you that you could help her. During your conference at Belgentier your story made me think of her. I thank life to have allowed me to meet people like you. Your healing did a lot for me and helped me evolve. Namaste "

  • " Fabienne, I would like to thank you for this wonderful meeting. Thanks to you I could let go of many things that were buried in me. My lack of self-confidence, the fact I gave too much importance to others and not enough for myself and most of all without knowing it to the point that I hide behind my illness so as to have an acknowledgement that I wouldn't have necessarily had otherwise. Thank you, thank you, thank you again to have opened my eyes and guided me to the right path."

  • " In February of 2012 following a family drama, I fell into a deep depression of which I couldn't see my way out. I had no desire for anything, no more thirst for life, no desire; I had become 'a wreck'!!! I am married with 3 children and during that time I had even started to destroy my relationship with my wife and children and all those I loved. Only one year before everything was going smoothly in my life, I hit rock bottom, life was unbearable and then thanks to social networking I was led to Fabienne which I then took the initiative to ask for help.!!! She felt from my message the desperate state that I was in and she immediately held out her hand by asking me to send her a mail describing my experiences.....(I felt immediately a wellbeing and positive energy from this person) And from there, without even realising it, I plunged into working with her on rebuilding my life and coming to an understanding of many things...Already I restored a thirst for life as if Fabienne had sent energy in her email. After a few weeks of discussing and self-questioning (thanks to her wise questions) I understood so many things including realising that my past was acting on me without even knowing it. I was reproducing the patterns of my ancestors and was actually reacting in a way that I didn't want with my wife and my children...the rebuilding has started and each day that passes a victory over my depression!!!!!!!! Today I am well and even if, like everyone that has their little down moments, I LIVE MY LIFE with a smile. I fully appreciate that which I didn't before, I am really happy and thanks to Fabienne I am rebuilding my life differently. Also it is a great relief to know that even afterwards I can count on her as if she had become the affectionate and kind mother that I never had. A HUGE THANKS TO LIFE THAT GAVE ME THE CHANCE TO MEET THIS AMAZING WOMAN WITH SUCH AN INFINITE HEART. "
  • " Last year I was having a lot of pain, in particular the beginning of arthritis in my knee and I was limping a lot. I contacted Fabienne and stayed for a 2-hour healing. I laid facedown and she pressed with all her strength on very precise points on my body and I started to cry. I felt that I emptied myself of all the physical and psychological pain that I had accumulated over a long time. It was the first time that I had such a healing experience. I felt that she took my pain away with her and she let it go little by little. After the 2 hours I was exhausted. I stayed there without moving during a long time and as I started to move about slowly, I felt full of pain as if I had taken some hard knocks. As I left I realised right away that I no longer limped as I went to the train station, even while climbing a hill. What joy to limp no more!!!! In the train I felt a rising of heat that led me nearly to fall asleep, I was floating on a cloud. That night, I fell asleep rapidly, as I was spent. The next day I smoked my last cigarette and decided that it would be my last, it was the 5th of February 2014. I have not taken it up since and have not even had a single desire or frustration. This year it has been one year and a month that I have stopped and I can never thank Fabienne enough for this wellbeing. I send you big kisses!! Nanou!! "
  • " To feel one's body helps us to learn to let go and become conscious of who we are from our pains, fears, emotions. All this can be relieved by talking. Talking helps us to release our pains, fears, and opens our heart to love while at the same time confronting ourselves and not running away. It purifies, cleanses and brings up once and for all, all that which can help us in accepting ourself for who we are. It rebalances the body, mind and heart. One becomes more relaxed physically and even feels prettier lol...One restores self-confidence which allows us to evolve and accept the waves of life. One goes from darkness into the light. Nothing but positive. Thanks Fabienne "
  • " When I got into contact with Fabienne for the first time I was at my worst and I couldn't see any hope of overcoming my state of being. I lived in constant fear and guilt. I didn't believe in myself or a bright future. Having had heavy and tragic experiences in my past, I lived as if I was stuck in the past and I couldn't detach myself or accept such events. Fabienne guided me in my research for answers and helped me to mourn this painful past. She knew how to ignite the light in me and reveal myself to me. Today I am at peace with myself, full of hope and proud of the person that I am. I can confirm that Fabienne offered to me the chance to have a second go at life, and to finally have the strength to create a future in serenity and confidence. Again a huge thanks to you, Fabienne. "